I'm a Spanish self-taught Digital Artist with an extensive experience in the creation of textures, digital painting and modeling.

In 1994 I got involved in the creation of a video game as a Texture Artist, mixing traditional painting techniques (gouache on paper) with computer retouches. Later on I started to work with my own digital photographs and painting entirely in the computer, using a mixture of artistic and technical skills to develop my work in video games, cinematic trailers, commercials, TV movies and feature films.

Photography is been one of my favorites activities since the early 90s, when I had the chance to use a 1968 Mamiya/Sekor camera from my father. Many years later, digital photography provided me with the chance to use my own images to create textures. Because of the mutual influence between my work as a Texture Artist and photography, I developed a taste for the marks and colors that weathering and decay imprint on the surfaces of aging objects and buildings, and become fascinated with the details that close-up images reveal.

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